Bored In Class: Play Gameboy Online For Free

When you’re bored in class, eyelids are heavy, and the teacher’s drone is putting you to sleep faster than that mixed drink your friend gave you last weekend, here is something to keep you awake. Bright Futura Presents:


Bored In Class: Play Gameboy Online For Free

If you were born in the 88-90’s era like me and actually grew up with a childhood where the simple things mattered to you, can you tell me what this is?

play gameboy online for free

That’s right, grandfather of the PSP, brother of the N64, and the Holy Grail of the handheld console, but enough blabber:

There’s a website where you can play this online like a boss Pokemon Trainer.

play gameboy online for free

The controls are simple, and the game options are plenty.

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It has a crazy amount of games, from Super Mario Land, to Mega Man, Zelda to Pokemon Crystal to Tetris. Hope you enjoy it in class, and try to stay awake.


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