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Bet You Can’t Beat Our Score: Adobe’s Real or Fake App

Heads Up You Guys

Adobe has launched their six-week Facebook challenge for students: a game called Real or Fake

adobe real or fake


What is Real Or Fake?

Real or Fake is a game created by Adobe that challenges students to figure out if an image is … I think you get the idea.

If the image is “fake”, you can learn how it was “faked” or “photoshopped” using Adobe products. Each week, students are presented with a new set of five images with the chance to guess whether they are real or fake.


See If You Can Beat Our Score

adobe real or fake


Try the Adobe Fake or Real App on the Adobe Students Facebook Page.

Side note: Knowledge of how to use Adobe products to create and edit quality presentations and designs is an extremely valuable asset to employers, no matter your field! Just saying!

If you beat our score Brag about it below! 


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