Become A Guest Writer

Become A Guest Writer

If you would like to share some of your tips on Bright Futura but do not have the time to fully as a staff writer, there’s always the option of being a guest writer! There is no actual commitment to being a guest poster, and you can choose to write once or more than once; as many as you’d like, really!

What will I do as a guest writer?

  • Submit a post that is a minimum of 300 words.
  • The post must pertain to college students or college life (or post-grad life)
  • Once your post is published, you should share your post and the website with all your friends via social networking, email and/or word-of-mouth.

The benefits of being a guest writer:

  • You get a by line.
  • You will get a short blurb about who you are at the bottom of the post.
  • After 5 guest posts, you will get your own feature on our staff page.
  • You will boost your writing portfolio.
  • You can include this as a part of your resume.

Sound good? Then go ahead and contact us via Facebook , Twitter or email us at!

Want Us To Feature You?

If you are a college student who would like to showcase yourself, your start-up or [________] on Bright Futura email us at!

Please note: Bright Futura does not have an obligation to feature your story.

Get The Experience You Need To Get Ahead

Bright Futura is always looking for new Bright minds to join our ranks as a contracted wed designers, fundraisers, and promoters. If you are looking to improve you resume and job prospects, we would love to collaborate with you.

Email us at for more information.