Are You A #Journalist?

what is

hashtag journalism

Our media outlets are failing us and we all know it. They are constantly focusing on stories that they deem relevant and allowing huge inconsistencies in policy and equality to go unchallenged. But their is a Bright light up the road. And that light is coming from you. Social media, specifically twitter gives raise to a whole new kind of journalism. A Journalism we like to call #hashtag journalism. As a #journalist you are the eyes and ears of the world. Any opportunity to shine light on the world should be taken.

Examples of amazing #journalism

Throughout the months of the Arab Spring, the twitter feed of NPR senior strategist Andy Carvin was a one stop shop for keeping up with events in the region–even though Carvin was a world away in Washington D.C. Now Carvin has written a new book about his experience, Distant Witness: Social Media, the Arab Spring and a Journalism Revolution, and sat down with Brooke for a live event to discuss his reporting with social media. (source)

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