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50 Ridiculous Luxuries Only Rich People Have

things rich people have that you dont

If you are reading this than you probably aren’t rich. I mean hell, you’re probably in college which is almost the opposite of being rich. No offense! Furthermore you have probably realized that the cost of the “good life” is far from your reach. This is a sad pitiful truth my friend. However,

if you embrace this reality early enough, you can begin to focus on what is really important… money!

I mean that is why you went to college right…to make more money. Duh!

Because as you know, only those with money can live a life of comfort, luxury and happiness. sigh. Rich people have it all.


Below I have Listed 50 Things Rich People Have That You Don’t (try not to whine)


1.  Access to the latest technology

facetime with family


2.  Access to excellent trauma and health care

health care


3. Access to information at their finger tips

stuff rich people have


4.  Access Music at their finger tips

things rich people have


5. Access to movies and entertainment at their finger tips

things rich people have


6. Cable and Satellite tv

Things rich people have

courtesy of AndrewH2010

7. Air conditioning

things rich people have


8. Access to clean drinking water

things rich people have

Photo By joshme17 (flickr)

9.  Access to clean water to bathe

things rich people have

By Greenman 2008

10. Access to clean water to wash their clothes

50 things rich people have

image credit: k12istina15/flickr.

11. Access to clothes without holes

things rich people have

12. Shoes on their feet

things rich people have

13. Access to electricity

things rich people have

Light Up Night Nov. 28, 2008 pic by bethykae on flickr

14. Access to libraries

50 things rich people have

NYC Public Library By LizBallerPhotos

15. Access to great education

things only rich people have

16. Access to 3 meals a day

things rich people have

courtesy of

17. A warm and safe bed to sleep in

bedtime stories

courtesy of Libertad Leal

18. Freedom to fight for your country

things rich people have

Photo by U.S. Army Alaska

19. Freedom to learn to play any instrument

things rich people have

courtesy of KaniR Photography

20. Freedom to drive

things rich people have

photo by Lester Brown

21. Freedom to vote

things rich people have

22. Freedom to love who they wish

young love

23. The ability to live until their bodies fail

old people

24. Freedom to tumbl for hours

tumblr kids

25. Freedom to send meaningless tweets


26. Freedom to facebook stalk

facebook stalking

27. Freedom to use the phone

rich people

28. Freedom to sing

things rich people have

courtesy of Herschell Hershey

29.  The freedom to dance

rich people stuff

bay to break-dance-ers. by

30. Freedom to run

parkour is free

31. Freedom to start a business

things only rich people have

32. Freedom to run for office

rich people

33. Freedom to play

rich people have it all

34. Freedom to smile

rich people

35. Freedom of speech

rich people have it all

36. Freedom of religion


37. Freedom of press

graffiti freedom

38. Freedom to protest

things poor people dont have

39. Freedom to attend live music

live music

40. Freedom to learn

learning math

41. The freedom to root for the home team

freedom from want

courtesy via Sara Duane-Gladden

42. The ability to move any where they wish

freedom to move

43. The ability to create and be creative

being creative

44. The right to legal representation

rich people are lucky

45. The right to bear arms

rich people only

46. Fresh air

fresh air

courtesy of Viking

47. Beautiful night skies

nigh sky

48. Sunlight


courtesy of catolla (flickr)

49. Friends


50. Family



My hope is that after reading this, you will share it with more of your “poor” not rich friends and perhaps they too can embrace this reality. Leave a comment if you can think of more things rich people have that you don’t.


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3 Comments on “50 Ridiculous Luxuries Only Rich People Have

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  2. My emotion when I scroll down: 1,2 that’s right, they have money, they could, turn to “haha, so I’m also rich” and then sad, thinking about people who are living in poverty, in war… I should be appreciate for what I have. Thank you for sharing the post.

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