5 Simple Ways To Start Packing for Winter Break

Winter break is approaching and finals week is days away. In fact it may have already begun for some of us. Either way both worrisome events are worthy of focus.


As you cram all the knowledge you’ve learned throughout the semester into your tiny little head, you are also expected to cram all of your belongings into trash bags and plastic bins. Sounds dreadful doesn’t it? There there now young one… So rather than going it alone, I have decided to create a simple and painless way to begin packing for winter break.

Think Of It As A Way To Cram While You Cram!


1. Procrastinate The Right Way

If you are going to take breaks from studying, you might as well use that time to clean and pack. Rather than spending your time watching reruns of scrubs and twiddling your thumbs, try putting those hands to work. Getting a jump start on packing can make a world of difference and studying in a clean room has been proven to help the mind focus.

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2. Toss What’s broken:

If you have a bleach-stained t-shirt or an irreparably busted desk organizer, throw them out. In fact if you have anything you don’t want and know you haven’t used it, donate it or toss it.

Getting rid of unuseable things now will reduce the amount that you have to contemplate packing and will allow you to beat the rush at the school dumpsters.

Take Notes: Freecycle and Craiglists are a good way to turn your trash into treasures.


3. Start Eating All Those Non-Perishable Snacks

If your parents or family has sent you care packages full of food that will survive an apocalypse (e.g canned foods and Ramen) EAT THEM! Trust me you aren’t going to want to take them home with you. They will most likely end up getting in the way while you are packing up and thrown away as you leave. Rather than letting good food go to waste try having a study break potluck party!

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4. Start Boxing Knick-knacks

“This is more applicable to people who are graduating early, going abroad, or changing residence halls. If you’re in those categories, however, it’s key.

If it’s not nailed down or wearable, it can probably start being put away.

Good contenders for this are theme party costumes (you probably won’t need the devil trident before the semester is out), photos that you have taped up to your wall, and obscure kitchen items that belong to you (like that lasagna pan no one has used this semester).” -via Hackcollege


5. Recycle Your Papers

If you take paper notes, scan and digitize them in Evernote once classes are over. That way, you can recycle the paper and avoid lugging it home or storing it for the next semester. The same goes for any documents you may have picked up during the year–I know that I have ads for the study abroad department, a welcome-back barbecue, and a Thai take out menu sitting on my desk. All of those are stressing me out, and all of them can be recycled now.

Take Notes: Paper scanners can help save space and the environment if you recycle your class notes.


Break down your things over a few weeks rather than a cramming into a few days at the end of the semester will help reduce the amount of things you have to pack while lowering your stress load. Finals time is stressful–am I right or am I right?


Maximillian Garland| Bright Futura Columnist

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