5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Go To Graduate School

Someone you know surely has considered an advanced degree. Perhaps you’ve even thought about grad school, law school, or getting an MBAs, MPAs, JDs, MPPs. But before you make the leap. Read the list below of the top 5 reasons you should NOT go to graduate school.

1. Knowledge Is Free But Graduate Degrees Are Expensive.

If you are pursuing a graduate degree for the sake of knowledge I must let you in on a little secret. It’s called the internet. It is kind of like a library except it’s on your computer. Surely, you know what a computer is.

On this internet, you can research, peruse, download, and purchase everything from tutorials to used books. Okay, sure, the newer, shinier books might cost you some money, but even if you bought 100 of them at $20 a book, it would still be cheaper than paying for grad school. The truth is, most of us really don’t need to go back to school. For most people, it’s just a rest stop on their career journey because they can’t figure out the direction of their lives. Grad school in this way serves as a very expensive highway pit stop minus the junk food and gift shop. Grad school in reality only really works for those who know exactly what they want to do and why. For example doctors and lawyers. For everyone else, grad school is just a costly way to learn the same stuff you get in a $20 book.

2. Grad School Won’t Land You Your Dream Job

Employers are interested in actually skill and not just book smarts. Sure that A+ midterm looks nice on your mom’s fridge and I’m sure she is proud of you. But your employer’s wont cares how good of a test taker you are especially if you can’t perform in the work environment. The truth is, everything you read in books is all theory until you try it out yourself.

If someone said they were going to take a 500 level class on basketball, you wouldn’t except them to become Kobe would you? I didn’t think so. You can read about shooting free throws all you want but when you step on to the court and try it yourself; you will probably feel like Shaquille O’Neal for the first hundred air balls.

The point being that you can’t expect to learn your career from a classroom. People learn from experience. Books give you the knowledge, but action gives you the wisdom.

3. Grad School Can’t Teach You Leadership.

The inconvenient truth is that leadership skills can only be learned by actually leading. Leadership comes from starting something, finishing it, taking risks and learning from your mistakes and successes. You aren’t going to become a leader by reading a couple books and writing a dissertation. Don’t believe me? I’ll prove it to you!

Think hard about any one of the people who most inspire you. Do you admire them for going to grad school or having a PhD behind their name? I don’t think so. The reason you look up to someone never has anything to do with what level of education they attained. You admire your role models actions not their degrees.

4. Quitting Hurts Big Time!

Foods, relationships, jobs, hobbies are good examples of things you should test the waters with. Graduate school however is not such a carefree experimentation. There are some paths you can’t stop traveling down once you take that first step. Graduate school is one of those paths. Getting a Ph.D. in an academic field or starting a medical degree is tough and not cheap. Make absolutely sure you know that you need and want to get the specialized degree you are pursuing because quitting won’t just cost you money it will cost you valuable time. Two years in, and quitting will be like gnawing your own leg off.

5. Grad School Will Not Make You Remarkable.

Grad school does not have a monopoly on success. In other words, you don’t need grad school to validate your talents or your passions. That is what the real world is for. Think of post undergrad as the testing grounds for your hopes and dreams. If you’re struggling with how to advance in your career, grad school should NOT be your first or even last resort.

Post Graduate work will not make you better at what you do unless you decide to get better at what you do. And then DO IT. Having a professor and degree program is essentially like having a very expensive life map. Except the map is to a degree that will in no way make you anything you weren’t capable of being RIGHT NOW!

Higher education can certainly be beneficial to both your overall personal growth as well as career advancement. But you have to be absolutely sure that the time and money spent are both necessary and worthwhile.

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Maximillian Garland

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