5 Reasons I Am Not Looking Forward To College

There are a lot of things that high school students hate to hear about college. College to a high school students is like hell to a Christian, except ugghh there is an application process. Can you imagine having to reapplying to hell? College in many ways embodies the end of youth and the beginning of grownup crap. So while many people are eager to venture off to college, I instead decided have decided to breakdown the reasons why college is so dreadful to high school students like myself.

Here are 5 things that I personally hate hearing about college.


“Just remember how to do this so by the time college comes rolling around…”.

It’s the one your English teacher always talks about whenever you are writing an essay or research paper. “Just remember how to do this so by the time college comes rolling around…”. You hear it your whole high school career and even in middle school. It doesn’t get annoying because they say it so much; it gets worse.  We don’t want to hear about how it will be worse because we have been told that numerous times and telling us again and again makes us worried. Then again you do hear it outside of school. Remember that time your older brother/sister came home and told you and your family all about how college is the worst thing ever except for the parties. People just love reminding us.

2. RA’S (Resident Assistant)

“I don’t want to be the bad guy but it is quiet hours.”

It’s 10:00 p.m. when you hear a knock on your door during the party. You open it and standing there is your RA. “I don’t want to be the bad guy but it is quiet hours.” They are the happiest person on the floor, the one you never go to with your problems, and the one who you just want to get out the dorm. Resident Assistants are there to help you with your college experience by staying on the dorm floor with you and being there if you have problems. But from what you hear, they are harbingers of annoyances and rules. Think Randle from Recess.

(See the CollegeHumor video below for more info.)

3. Costs

Your English teacher talks about longer papers, but your parents talk about how it will affect them. How? MONEY! College is expensive and that’s why your parents have been saving money since the day you were born. You need it for tuition, books, housing, etc. Costs can also be talking about your personal spending which you will be doing a lot of. You need money to buy food and other wants that are not necessary. You need to start saving or else. It is expensive and if you don’t learn that now then you are screwed.

But the best way to help pay for these things is a…

4. JOB

It’s the word you don’t want to hear especially if you are lazy. How can you get a job and balance school work? It’s hard to do but you have to make it work. I currently am not working so I don’t have to think about this right now, but when you get into college it’s a whole different situation. You have to have a job to pay for things. “How will you pay for this?”, and “How will you pay for that?”. That’s what a job is for! You need one and you can’t deny it when you get to college. Try denying it after you take your girl out to dinner and have to end up washing dishes. It’s not something to look forward to.


If you think upperclassmen are bad in high school, wait until you get to college. It’s The Freshman Hunt 2.0!  It’s most likely not that bad but it does scare high school students. There’s pledging which is done by the upperclassmen who want nothing more than to see you streak through the campus and get caught. That was a bad example but you get my drift. Upperclassmen are scary wherever you go.

Matthew Maddock | Bright Futura Columnist

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