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5 Games To Play On Your Commute

1. The Make-Babies-Smile Game

This might be hard if you’re in the car, but if you’re lucky enough to find yourself in a city of some sort (sorry rural Kansas), you might be commuting to school or your internship by something that puts you annoyingly close to other people.


The good news is that 20% of the population as of December 2011 in the US is under 15 years old, according to some people who like numbers. Out of that, a good portion are monsters, or, um, babies.

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Making funny faces at strangers makes you the weirdo on the bus whom no one wants to sit next to, but making funny faces at babies are totally acceptable.


  • 5 points for making a baby smile.
  • 10 points for making them laugh.
  • Minus 20 for a parent catching you.
  • 50 points for a babysitter catching you.)


 2. The Look-Someone-In-The-Eye Game

It’s rude to stare, but it’s not rude if they don’t know it. On the train, subway or bus, look at someone from across the way and see how long it takes for the person to look back. In the mean time, make up a story of what they did this morning based on what they’re wearing/shit they have with them.

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Generally, the quota goes: the bigger the city, the more the crazies and the more the crazies, the funnier stories. Once the person does look back at you, be sure to shyly glance down. Be careful because they might think you’re into them. Be sure to pick good-looking people just in case they make a move.


3. The HIMYM Game

If you’re taking multiple means of transportation to class or internship, chances are you will be around people, unless you go to a loner school or live in the middle of a cornfield. If you are in a cornfield, watch out for aliens. If not, remember Signs taught us aliens sometimes stray from the cornfield (possibly because of the drought).

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Anyway think of How I Met Your Mother episode “Subway Wars” where everyone is racing to get to a restaurant to see Woody Allen. If you can’t think of this, go watch How I Met Your Mother.

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Try to picture yourself as each of the characters while taking the different forms of transportation.

While walking think of Marshall versus The Machines:

While on the subway, remember Lily running for nothing and understanding the instructor when no one else does.

While on the bike, think of Barney on the pedi-cab.


4. The Licenses Plates Game

This one’s an oldie but a goodie: If you’re driving, or just are around license plates, make funny sentences with the letters.


5. The Singing-In-The-Car

If you’re driving and the weathers nice, roll down the windows and blast your favorite songs (like that’s not what we would do anyway). The key is to get someone else to sing along with you. Generally this happens if you yourself are belting out lyrics.


Tips for this game:

  • Don’t blast shitty music
  • Don’t make it the over-played song everyone is singing on the radio (or minus points)
  • Don’t get so into the song you’re listening to that you end up in an accident (also minus point)


Good luck and “may the odds be ever in your favor.”


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Sorry, but I had to. Plus it was an excuse to put a picture of Gale’s sexy face on this post.

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8 Comments on “5 Games To Play On Your Commute

  1. right! this kind of game is what i usually play when I am traveling on the bus. That would keep me awake. I don't want to sleep while traveling.

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  3. these are some of the very best games that can be played online while you commute but many are missing like naruto, flappybird and some others like happy wheels the best online game

  4. I played the Licenses Plates Game on long drive and believe me it was so funny. We really enjoyed it.

  5. Thanks for sharing the list of games. I was feeling bored but now I will pass my time by playing these games that you shared hopefully these games will be good and fun to play.

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