5 College Comedies Every College Student Should See

Whether you are an up and coming freshmen or a “mature” senior, nobody should go through college without watching what their 4 year experience COULD be like if they lived in a college comedy movie.

5. Van Wilder (2002) Starring: Ryan Reynolds, Tara Reid and Kal Penn

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Just to be perfectly clear, I don’t think this is a very good movie. However, it has cemented itself into popular culture for it’s unique story idea and it opened up a lot of doors in Hollywood for Ryan Reynolds. The charming, handsome and extremely likeable Reynolds plays 7-year college student Van Wilder, who has no intentions of ever stepping into the hell that is adult life. During the midst of many party sequences and gross-out-gag pranks, a weak romantic subplot passes the audience by. The movie serves its purpose of being a “must-see” for college students.

Overall though, the movie is not that enjoyable to sit through if you are above the age of 12. However, Kal Penn’s forced performance about an India boy trying to bang an American girl sets up for a Reynolds-less sequel, which is not even worth mentioning.


4. Old School (2003) Starring: Luke Wilson, Vince Vaughn and Will Ferrell

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Here is where the list starts to get entertaining for all, and not just the teenage audience that these movies are geared towards. Three grown men (Wilson, Vaughn and Ferrell) try to relive their old college frat-boy days as they buy a house within the limits of their fictional alma mater, Harrison University. When the dean says that they have to contribute to the school or move out, the three men start a fraternity open to all the losers and rejects on campus.

There is plenty of hazing scenes for real life frat-boys to spark conversations about their own hazing experiences, and there are plenty of partying scenes for any college partier to try and remember some of their blackout nights. After a series of tests placed upon the rookie frat, they guys and their new recruits end up as a close-knit group of brothers. The standout performance belongs to Ferrell as he successfully creates Frank the Tank, a character that stands alone yet also pays homage to John Belushi’s historic character in Animal House (which is #2!)


3. American Pie 2 (2001) Starring: Jason Biggs, Alyson Hannigan and Seann William Scott

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Some bad tromboning, beach parties, mistaken superglue lubricant, milfs, bad phone sex, threesomes and all the other jokes in-between are what make the second American Pie film even better than the outstanding first film in the series.

This sequel finds the five high school buddies Jim, Kevin, Finch, Oz and Stifler at a beach house in their first summer back from college. They plan on throwing the best party ever at the end of the summer to really commemorate their eternal friendship and love of good booze and women. Despite the chauvinism from Stifler, and the milf obsession of Finch’s with Stifler’s mom, the characters in this franchise really know how to incorporate a good love story in with all of the gross-out sex-fueled humor.

This film is a must watch for an unseasonably cold day in late spring as you and your friends wait to party it up at the beach when school gets out.


2. Animal House (1979) Starring: John Beluschi and Tom Hulce

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A lot of people would expect this film to be number one on the list, like so many lists before this. However, I have one problem with this film in regards to this list. Fraternities only make up a portion of the overall college experience. Many people don’t join frats and still have a great time at school.

In terms of relevance to the entire college experience, this film does not reach number one. However, it stands as one of the greatest comedies to ever grace the big screen. John Belushi’s character Bluto, wearing his “COLLEGE” sweater, represents the must have poster for any self-respecting frat-house in America. The men of the Delta Tau Chi fraternity immortalized the toga party, drunken public urination, and killing horses by accident, food fights, sexing the dean’s wife and making the Deathmobile. Who cares if their fraternity got kicked off campus? I want to live in a world where Belushi is president.


1. Superbad (2007) Starring: Jonah Hill, Michael Cera and Christopher Mintz-Plasse

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This is one of my favorite movies of all time. It deserves to be at the top of most comedy lists. What is so special about this movie is that it deals with the real aspects of college that graduating high school seniors can actually relate to. The fears and pressures of losing touch with old friends, and being able to fit in at a completely alien environment really speak volumes throughout the narrative. Of course all of this emotional crap, which is invisibly absorbed and appreciated by every teenage viewer, is layered under some of the most brilliant comedic writing I have ever seen.

Breakout roles for Hill, Cera and Mintz-Plasse, the chemistry between these three graduating seniors is like watching sparks fly from a firework. The jokes are non-stop and the story never lags. It also created one of the most hard-core objects of sexual lust ever to be seen on screen: McLovin.


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What is your favorite college movie?


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