3 People College Students Must Follow Part 1

With the expansion of social media along the breathtaking expanse of the internet college students are finding more and more ways to connect and share ideas. Across the twittwerverse there are a number of people you should be following, but only a few people actually cater to the needs, humor, and lifestyle of a college student. We here at Bright Futura present you with it’s first installment of 3 People College Students Must Follow.

1. ForeverImmature™ (@YourMindMyWords)



BrightFutura Q: Why Should College Students Follow You?

ForeverImmature A: Because I’m like a mistake you don’t regret. Like a one night stand. Once you follow me, you’re f**ked… in a good way.


2. preGAME (@_preGAME_)



BrightFutura Q: Why Should College Students Follow You?

preGAME A: The first reason college students should follow @_preGAME_ is because I am a fellow college student.This account is made to revolve around college student’s humor and extracurricular activities (drinking) that they are engaged in their…..
I also love to party probably more than the average college student.I figured that the average person starts to pregame parties/bars around the start of college. Pregaming is an essential party skill to help make parties less awkward. Overall, college students should follow @_preGAME_ because it’s all about drinking, college, and having fun/living life. Follow and you will learn.


3. RateMyProfessors (@ratemyprofessor)



Bright Futura Twitter Suggestion: You should follow RateMyProfessors because of their connection to college students. Their main demographic and contributors are college students. By following them, you have access to internet meme’s, relevant information in the news, and important information for today’s college student.

Thanks for reading this first issue of 3 People College Students Must Follow. Follow these people, I’m sure you won’t regret it. If you have any other suggestions for our next article of 3 People College Students Must Follow comment below.


Leon Langford | Bright Futura Columnist


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