7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Skip Class

by justsaymegan

How bad can skipping class really be? In your head you can justify it because you are going to catch up on sleep or catch up on the reading for a particular class. Or maybe you didn’t do the homework for your next class, so you need to do that now. But do these reasons really outweigh the importance of attending class? Read on to find out why they do not.

1. Less Work in the Long Run

The more you go to class the less extra work you have to do- There aren’t a lot of in-class assignments which misleads most students into thinking they do not have to attend class. Because all of the work is “outside” work, you miss a day of valuable information you need to use for that assignment. When you miss class you have to track down someone who will let you copy their notes and then complete the assignment. Just showing up to class cuts out an extra, unneeded step.

2. The attendance policy

Almost all professors have an attendance policy. If they don’t, I bet you the department does. Just because attendance isn’t being taken doesn’t mean the professor is cataloging it himself. Let me tell you something…I go to school in the mountains, and I had 10 minutes to get across the mountainous campus in a foot of snow and ice. My math professor had to pull me aside and tell me to drop the class because I was gonna fail due to attendance. Even though he knew my predicament there was nothing he was willing to do to help me.

3. You are paying for the class anyways…

What gets me is the financial freedom most college students think they have. They get sent to school with all their graduation money and a fresh debit card and blow it all in the firs semester. What most students don’t remember is that they are paying for their classes. Each class has an individual cost and when you don’t show up you are wasting your money and your college’s time.

4. Skipping becomes a hard habit to break.

To me this is the BIGGEST reason. Skipping is the most addicting thing in the world. Once you convince yourself once that you do not need to go to class you’ll end up skipping 2 or more days in a row. Also, when you skip once it becomes easier and easier to skip again in the future. Having a hard time waking up? Don’t take morning classes!

5. You may miss out on important news or information.

At the beginning of the semester a professor will usually pass out a syllabus with all the important dates and assignments on it. Stuff happens! All syllabi are subject to change! What if an assignment date gets extended? You may bust your butt to finish an assignment on time, when in reality you have a whole extra week to finish it. Not a good stress! Especially when you could have avoided it by simply going to class!

6. Skipping makes a bad impression

Professors take note of the students who put forth the most effort in class. In college developing good relationships with professors means receiving good recommendations. If you are planning on continuing your education or getting a job right out of college you may want to think twice about who you really need to impress. Your fellow partygoers or your esteemed writing professor?

7. Extra Credit Opportunities

Extra credit is scarce in college. The outside assignments are normally long drawn out processes or extra research papers, but some professors don’t want to mess with all that. I had a professor who was getting so fed up with students not showing up to her class that she gave everybody 10 extra points on the next exam! So worth going!

Of course if you are really sick or contagious or some dramatic event happens, skipping a day or two is necessary. Most professors will work with you as long as you shoot them an e-mail or talk to them about it!

6 Comments on “7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Skip Class

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  2. The thing is simply that peoples in their daily life as well as in professional field needs to hold tightly the lesson of honesty and hard work as this is the only way which guide us to the real success with inner satisfaction.

  3. It is good steps you have shared which is really true that if any student skip the class or lecture they will make their own loss of their study and lecture which is not good for them and they have a bad impression on the teachers and other students which is very bad for them and the teachers will also noticed them that they are not regular and serious in their studies.

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