2012: The Year of Joseph Kony

A 27 minute video has suddenly gone viral, and you should know how it’s changing the world in less than 27 minutes (video below).

The purpose of the video:

The purpose of the video is to stop the rebel group the LRA’s (Lord’s Resistance Army) leader Joseph Kony. By making people aware of Joseph Kony, they hope to turn your awareness into action.


What You Need to be Aware of:

Joseph Kony is the leader of the LRA, and fights to keep himself in power. His soldiers: kids, half your age.

These kids are abducted and forced to join his army. For 26 years he has been abducting kids into his rebel group. BOYS are turned into child soldiers, and GIRLS become sex slaves. He makes them mutilate people’s faces and even forces them to kill their own parents. And it’s not just a few kids.

It’s not 100 kids. Not 300. Not even 1,000.

Over 30,000.

Be aware: Joseph Kony has an army of child soldiers that need to be rescued.

Jason, the director, is good friends with Jacob who was one of those children. Jacob had managed to escape, but his brother was killed in the process. Jason promised Jacob he would do everything in his power to help.
This is his promise at work.

^^ Director Jason Russel and Jacob^^
Jacob and other free child soldiers now work with Invisible Children to provide awareness about the plight of these children. They have been active for a number of years. They have built schools, they have created jobs and even built an early warning radio network. The building of these structures did not come from help from the government, but from donations from people who cared; people like you and I.

After 8 years of activism, the United States government has heard the voices of 100,000 young people and committed 100 military advisors to Africa to assist in the removal of Joseph Kony from the battlefield. Joseph Kony has since gone deeper into hiding and in order to increase support and keep up the military effort this video has gone viral.


^This video will expire on December 31st 212^

  1. In order for Joseph Kony to be arrested The Ugandan Military has to find him.
  2. In order to find him they need technology and training to find him in the jungles.
  3. In order to get that, they need the U.S. advisers.
  4. In order for the U.S. advisers to be there, the U.S. must deploy them.
  5. In order to get the US to deploy them, the U.S. must here from US


What you can do:

Make him famous!
Make him visible! Tweet about him! Spread this video! Put him in your Facebook status!  Write, call, email, tweet, facebook, facetime, skype, pigeon mail one of the 20 law makers and Media Personalities, on their website that you intend to:



On April 20th 2012, there will a world wide effort at sundown, by Make Kony Famous activist to blanket their town with Kony 2012 posters, stickers and tags. When people wake up that morning, their streets will be littered with Kony 2012 information. 

So use Facebook for something else than just promoting yourself, don’t just tweet today’s funny quote, don’t just comment “lol” on a Youtube video. Use today’s technology to make a difference, save lives, and make a man famous. 

Leon Langford | Bright Futura Columnist

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