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11 Ways To Be Unremarkably Average

how to be normal

Below are 11 ways to be unremarkably average. A guide to living and dying a very very boring unadventurous standard life. Please be adviced that following the instructions below will lead you having a C life rather than an A+ life. BTW the illustrations in this post are by Gavin Aung Than @ <—— Show him some love


1. Accept what people tell you at face value

Don’t explore your spirituality, sexuality, or basic reality. Santa is real until someone says he is not and politicians never lie.


2. Don’t question authority

The way things are, just so happen to be, the way things will always be. If you are uncomfortable with the structure of things oh well. If you want to be average, than you have to stay in line and keep your head down.


3. Go to College because you’re suppose to, not because you want to learn something.

College is a means to getting a job and checking higher education of your to-do list. It is not and I repeat is not a place to LEARN! That means no learn about your self, the world, or the wonderful diverse people and things that inhabit it.


4. Sit at a desk 40 hours a week for an average of 10 hours of productive work

A good solid rule for living an average life is to not go above and beyond. Find a job after college and stay under the radar in every way possible. Getting pigeonholed at a decent job is your goal. Go get’em tiger.


how to be average

5. Go overseas once or twice in your life, always to somewhere safe and easy.

If exploring the world is something you have on your to do list than be sure not to go anywhere wildly different from your comfort zone.

Take notes: If the place you are vacationing doesn’t have a Starbucks, McDonalds, Amazing AC and Wi-fi, avoid it at all cost. (Check out if you are actually looking for a awesome above average remarkable traveling experience for cheap)


6. Get the largest mortgage you qualify for and spend 30 years paying for it.

I mean who doesn’t want to be locked into one house for the rest of their natural lives?


how to live a boring life

7. Don’t try to learn another language, everyone else will eventually learn English.

The truth is growing your mind and your understanding of others generally something reserved for the remarkable. Sure it sounds nice and all but think about all the work it requires. In all honesty watching Netflix while not necessarily the most mental stimulating is without a doubt easier.

If it ain’t easy don’t do it.


8. Think about writing a book but never do it.

In fact, you should think about doing a lot of things but never do them. Doing things is for amazingly talented extraordinary people. And you my plain Jane are not the aforementioned.


why am I boring

9. Think about starting a business but never do it.

Starting a business is a risk. And risks are for the courageous. Better off playing it safe my simple friend.


10. Don’t stand out or draw attention to yourself

Being noticed is nice but sometimes it causes people to pay attention to you or worse you might even feel like a leader. Heaven forbid. Just make sure to never dress to fashionably or to strange.


11 ways to be unremarkably average

11. Jump through hoops. Check off boxes.

What could be more fulfilling than doing what is required. Being average is your thing. In fact it is your most valuable skill.


11 ways to be unremarkably average

And last but not least

11 ways to be unremarkable


Article by Maximillian Garland | Bright Futura Columnist

Illustrations by Gavin Aung Than @ <—— Show him some love

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