Female G Spot

Yale Scientists: ‘Female G-Spot Doesn’t Exist’

(Sam Gibbs)  A team of researchers have concluded that the legendary female G-spot just doesn’t really exist. They reviewed 100 studies published since 1950 and found no “valid objective data” to support the existence of the holy grail of female sexual pleasure.

The Gräfenberg Spot is meant to be a concentrated bundle of nerves on the front wall of the vagina, which can cause the Earth to move for some lucky women.

However, even those that believe in it often fail to actually put a finger on it. ; )

A more scientific approach from multiple research teams using a plethora of different techniques in the hunt for the G-spot has, unfortunately, come up short:

“Attempts to characterise vaginal innervation have shown some differences in nerve distribution across the vagina, although the findings have not proven to be universally reproducible.”

“Furthermore, radiographic studies have been unable to demonstrate a unique entity, other than the clitoris, whose direct stimulation leads to vaginal orgasm.”

This latest detailed review of all published evidence from over 60 years, backs up what boffins from our own King’s College London also concluded in 2010 when they said that the G-spot “might be a figment of women’s imagination, encouraged by magazines and sex therapists”.

“might be a figment of women’s imagination, encouraged by magazines and sex therapists”.

“Lots of women feel almost as though it is their fault they can’t find it,” Kilchevsky said.

“The reality is that it is probably not something, historically or evolutionarily, that should even exist,” Kilchevsky added.

The study has been published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

So there you have it.

Don’t worry son, it’s not your fault you can’t find it; it simply doesn’t exist – at least as far as science can tell. And science is good enough for me. [The Journal of Sexual Medicine via The Telegraph]

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So Do You Buy It? Are The Brains At Yale Correct? Comment Below

40 Comments on “Yale Scientists: ‘Female G-Spot Doesn’t Exist’

  1. These old Yale scientists probably haven't ever seen a vagina. They couldn't find a g-spot if it had a big red X on it!!! Just sayin'

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