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Women need to respect, not slam, one another

By Vera Greene
Collegian Columnist

Tina Fey said it best in Mean Girls: “You all have got to stop calling each other sluts and whores. It just makes it OK for guys to call you sluts and whores.”

This could not be any truer.

Please, ladies and gentlemen, think about it for a second.

How many times have you heard a girl call a fellow girl a demeaning name? Fight over a guy? Get petty?

Guys fight, then they get over it. Usually they’re still friends.

Enter drama queens.

Girls demoralize each other emotionally for an extended period of time until one feels like she’s won. They gang up on one another. They battle for status. They compete.

Claws come out.

People loved the movie “Mean Girls.” But, the funny thing is, this production is based on truth.

Girls are brutal. And it’s pathetic.

I am a huge believer of women being allies, not enemies.

Who else understands our slightly neurotic ways of going about things?

We should be a team. We should be helping each other get through our ups and downs. We should be building each other up. There has never been a better time to be a woman.

Yes, girls run the world. Thank you, Beyonce.

Unfortunately, that is not even close to what we do.

Instead, we mark our territory.

Nothing makes me cringe more than competition between girlfriends.

Why must we, as women, show each other who is boss? It consumes us.

Well, you want him? You can have him.

No sense fighting over it.

You think you’re the hottest thing to hit college? Well, life has a funny way of knocking sense back into you.

But here’s a little secret I’m going to let you all in on: The louder girls scream, the more they whine, the cockier they are — the more insecure they actually feel.

Yes, ladies, we know we’ve all been there at some point.

And then… we grow up. We come into our own.

But not before we make ourselves look like fools.

Let’s face it: fighting over a guy is just plain stupid. If he doesn’t want you, well that’s his problem and his loss.

Fighting over Facebook statuses? Come on ladies, now that’s just plain dumb. It only makes you look catty. Catty and pathetic.

Calling a woman a whore? If that doesn’t scream “I’m jealous of her!” well, I don’t know what does.

Yet, we keep doing it.

I love all of the guys in my life but… no. As women — “enemy” or friend — we have an unsaid, intrinsic bond with each other.

And we tend to forget that. We sell ourselves short.

We sell ourselves for a night,

an outfit, a party, one drink too much, an unkind word, a chance at being top dog — which is just plain sad.

We hold ourselves to the standard we want others to hold us to.

So for every harsh word said, every status made, every shallow statement — you simply make yourself stoop to an unfortunate low.

Don’t dumb yourself down to name-calling. Stop succumbing to jealousy.

I can’t lie, I’ve had my brushes as a mean girl and with mean girls. Who hasn’t?

Why waste your time? You can hate all you want. But, for those of us who have decided to give maturity a fighting chance, we won’t be around to care.

Instead, we’ll be spending our time with other like-minded people. We’ll be dedicating ourselves to our lives — not this “he said, she said” garbage.

Get a grip, ladies. We’re better than this. We have more class than this.

For those of you who have had the dishonor of being taunted by mean girls, I’m sure you’ve learned the time-old rule: always take the high road. Don’t fight back. Write in a journal if you need to (yea, I’ve had mine since I was nine-years-old. I swear by it).

Use the immaturity of others as a way to branch out and learn about yourself.

Perspective is a beautiful thing. It often takes the darker times to appreciate the sunshine that’s surely to come.

It takes the darker times to realize that we should be promoting inner beauty more than we currently do.

For all you unlucky guys who see this going on: Run for the hills. Girls will do their best to rope you into their gossip-mongering.

But beware. That just makes for one messy ending. If they can turn on their girlfriends, they can turn on you too.

Let the mean girls be mean girls.

Don’t give it a second thought, because eventually you’ll be looking back on the fun you had, while they sat stirring about what cutting thing to say next.

So I dare you. Be a nice girl.

At least try.

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