Will Packer’s Blueprint

“While Hollywood underestimated Will Packer, the self-taught super producer developed nine No. 1 films and pulled in $1 billion at the box office. From his Atlanta estate, he shows Complex how he proved the bankability of people of color and helped launch the careers of Kevin Hart, Idris Elba, and more.” – Complex

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Part I: Foundations

1. I Believe I Can Do Anything

2. Get It Done Any Way You Can

3. Let Passion Fuel You

4. Make Opportunities Bigger

5. Do Your Best In Any Situation

Part II: Second Story

1. Run With What You Got

2. Know When To Shift Strategies

3. Trust Your Gut

4. Find New Ways To Tell Stories

5. Appeal To An Audience

Part III: Renovations

1. Prioritize Business Decisions

2. Listen To Your Audience

3. Feed Your Base

4. Have Patience In The Journey

5. Build Your Legacy

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