Why I Hate School But Love Education

As the cyclical and seemingly never ending debate about education rages on, the topic – somewhat ironically, often poses more questions than it provides answers.

But what is the value of mainstream schooling? Why is it that some of the most high profile and successful figures within the Western world openly admit to never having completed any form of higher learning?

Paying homage to Jefferson Bethke’s “Why I Hate Religion but Love Jesus“, a piece that received 22 million views in the space of a week, I address a number of these issues in my offering “Why I Hate School but Love Education“.

With scores of school leavers wanting to further their education with no guarantee of their dream job at the end of it, we should ask ourselves whether qualifications still hold the same value now as they did in previous years?

Does success in the school system correlate to success in life? Or is the school system simply geared towards fact retention and regurgitation?

What is true education?

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14 Comments on “Why I Hate School But Love Education

  1. Really very interesting topics man! You hates school but loves education and this quote seems that you are a very talented person and like to educate ownself with true education and I've just come to know what are the way of true education as well. Thanks

  2. Actually the topics has been described in here it's really important for everyone because everybody should love real education and i hope that the reasons you have mentioned in here about this topics it's really true and hopefully people will learn from this blog as well. Thanks

  3. Superb video it is! Actually by notifying this video i have known that why you hate school but love education. But whatever you have shared in this blog it's all are very true and practical as well. So keep it up and i will look forward to see your site in near future as well. Thanks :)

  4. Step back from the political debate if you're having a difficult time choosing between private and public schools. There's no questioning the value of public education. It is also clear, however, that safety concerns, spiraling class sizes and diminishing resources all detract from a child's education even when the level of teaching and quality of curriculum is very good. The situation is highly variable from district to district and will remain so as long as school funding is tied to property taxes. Thanks a lot.

  5. To make future developed there are no better way to make our young generation highly educated. I guess education sector pressure build up situation will make everyone curious to make their children educated by helping education sector all the possible ways they can. Thanks.
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  7. Love your video:) I say- the reasons get bored at school aren’t mutually exclusive, either. You can have an under-challenged, unconnected child with poor test-taking skills just as easily as a child who is simply unmotivated. The trick is to discover what your child is really telling you when he says “I’m bored at school” before jumping to conclusions. thanks all!~ Eva B.

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  10. Education is must for everyone everyone should get educated so that he would become a good professional in future.