Why America Should Never Legalize Marijuana

1. Psycho-Pharmaceuticals & Other Prescription Drug Sales Would Decrease

Sure, Xanax helps you with being stressed but if American’s had the choice they would toss the liver destroying pharma drugs and take bong rips, while watching Adventure Time and vegein’ out on the coach after work. I know what you are thinking, zero down sides here. Wrong! Have you taken a second to think about all of the big multimillion dollar pharmaceutical companies who would stand to lose profits. You probably didn’t, you inconsiderate pot head.


2. Increase In Unjailed Minorities

America builds prisons for a reason, Right? Exactly. And I think we can agree on what they are for…keeping the brownies down. (Brownies is still the PC term right?) Think of the chaos. You legalize marijuana and you have a serious surplus of rappers and hombres in the streets. Possession charges make locking people up really simple. Of course rehabilitation would make more sense but Ain’t Nobody Got Time For Dat. <—-


3. BigBrother AlmighTY!

As a Christian Nation who believes in God, his kingdom, and bird people we can’t allow this devil flower to be grown, cultivated, and smoked. JESUS, people I could see if we were talking about tobacco but we are talking about cannabis here. Don’t you see how wrong this is?


4. The Terrorists Would Win

I can’t stress this last point enough.


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