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5 Things Disney Can Teach You About The World

Cartoons haven’t always taught me right from wrong cough* Itchy and Scratchy cough* but that doesn’t mean they haven’t taught me anything. In fact I have learned a great deal about the world from cartoons especially those created by Disney and Pixar.


1. Haters On The Prowl

I find it wildly annoying to hear about people’s imaginary haters. Particularly when they aren’t necessarily doing anything to  deserve people’s envy. However; haters do exist and if you do have legit ones, you are not alone in your experience. Simba’s uncle Scar was a prime example of someone hating on future success.

In fact, Simba’s response to his evil hatin’ ass uncle Scar is a natural one.

lessons from disney

Let’s breakdown how Simba handled his hater.

Please Take Notes

  • Simba was meant to be King, some of us just are. It is something to be proud of. While you most likely aren’t destined to lead a pride of lionesses, you may be destined for greatness in another way whether that be leading others or building something innovative.


  • Scar (your hater) became aware of you and your awesomeness and begins to hate. This hate in The Lion King, involves murdering your dad and framing you for it. Lucky for you, your life probably isn’t this dramatic. Nevertheless that doesn’t stop your hater from trying to interfere with your plans. Haters often do their best to try and discourage you and being discouraged often causes you to lose your way.


  • After Scar (your hater) successful discourages you, they Win (BOOOOoo). Hakuna Matata my friend, this victory doesn’t have to be permanent, but it can be. If Simba never returned to take his rightful place as king, then Scar would have successful done his hateful duty as a card carrying member of The He-Mans Haters Club.


  • There is a point in The Lion King where Simba despite his rightful place as king gives up. This can happen but you have to eventually get slapped out of it. Whether that awakening comes from a monkey or a good friend you need to build yourself back up and claim your rightful place.


  • Happiness and success is the best revenge. Sure, you could kill your hater like they do in the movies but I doubt you’ll be as happy and successful when you are serving 25 to life for murdering someone. If you truly want a happy ending, brush your shoulders off and keep your head high.


Other examples of movie haters include:

  • The Evil Step Sisters From Cinderella
  • The Queen from Sleeping Beauty
  • Lotso from Toy Story 3


2. Change Gon’ Come

disney lessons

Seasons have their way of changing and while you may think certain things are forever, I think Big Ma said it best

Darlin, forever is a long, long time, and time has a way of changing things- Big mama: Fox & The Hound

Of course it would be nice if everything stay in a perfect equilibrium once they became comfortable but this isn’t Never Never Land and that isn’t how life works.

The reality is that Andy will one day get a new super badass Space Ranger. And once you finally become comfortable with the new way things are, Andy will go to college.

This is something we must learn to cope with because resisting it never seems to work. By being ready for change, we can be more prepared to adapt to it while keeping those things that mean the most to us. Ultimately, we have to come to terms with the fact that there will be people who come and go in our lives, but their will also always be the few that stay eternal.


3. Be Yourself

Maybe you are a happy-go-lucky warthog with serious gas or perhaps you are a slightly transgender Asian ninja warrior princess. Whatever the case is ACCEPT IT. There is never a point in fighting who you are. The sooner you embrace who you are as a person the sooner you can learn to be good at being yourself.

Disney lessons

Many people spend so much time trying to assimilate into what they believe is normal. But the funny thing about this is everyone who isn’t necessarily unique is struggling to try and standout. Stop swimming against the stream may clown fish friend and ride your own wave a Coo coo ca choo.  And just remember not to scratch the shell bra, I just waxed it.


4. Those People You Love Wont Always Be There

Our parents, family and friends are huge factors in shaping our world view. Despite this obvious reality we still manage to deny them the rightful respect, time and attention they deserve. Which is unfortunate because those people who love us and we love most wont always be around. Disney remind us about this in virtually every story they tell.

Examples Of Loss Of Loved Ones:

  • Aladdin – The dude is an orphan remember
  • The Little Mermaid – Where’s Queen Triton?
  • Cinderella – Both Her Parents (coincidence?)
  • Finding Nemo – Nemo’s Mom
  • Bambi – Bambi’s Mom
  • Seriously like every movie has someone die in it. I thought these were for kids. Anyone else find this weird?

Always remember to let those people you care about most know how you feel about them.


5. Every Story Has A Problem

There is always a major event that redirects our life from being ideal. ALWAYS. If you by some chance have not yet experienced it, think long and harder about what it might be or be weary. Either you have already surpassed your crisis and are moving toward your resolution or it is waiting around a corner.

Every story from Hercules and Aladdin to Mulan and Tarzan starts off in some strange imperfect world that the character has to grow, learn and move forward from. Why shouldn’t you as well.

Many times we will see people in our lives and think they had some advantage, whether it be money or biology; but the truth is nobody has everything they’re looking to have from the jump. Even Hercules who was born with incredible god-like strength was missing something. We are all struggling to make ourselves and those around us better, don’t get deceived into believing you drew the short straw. Remember


“the past can hurt. But the way I see it, you can either run from it or learn from it”- Rafiki



Maximillian Garland| Bright Futura Columnist

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  1. These cartoons are the best source of teaching good habits to students. Today, cartoon industries are developing which generates the millions of revenue in the world and people are going in this field because cartoon industries have the potential to build millions of revenues.

  2. Yeah I agree with you Disney movies are always fun to watch but sometimes it teaches you some reality of this world and how people will change and you have to be yourself don’t have to change yourself for someone because one day he will leave you so I watch Disney movies for fun but now I watch it to learn some lessons of this world.

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