what batman can teach you about college

5 Things Batman Can Teach You About College

What Batman Can Teach You About College

(Warning Contains Minor Spoilers: But if you haven’t seen TDK by now you should just quit at life.)

1. Have A Plan That Makes Sense And Works.

There were plenty of examples in this film of poor planning and lack of a strategy — For instances

  • When Commissioner Gordon sends all of his cops underground. Seriously… very dumb!

Or when

  • Batman being as out of shape as he was, goes to face Bane in the sewers of Gotham e.g. On his own territory.

Lucky for you most professors aren’t doing everything in their power to kill you.

The truth is most professors give plenty of time to accomplish assignments.  Sure, every now and then your course load overlaps to form the perfect storm, but if you tighten down the hatches, and break out the big guns, you can brave anything.


The take away here is to always have a well thought-out plan.

Projects: If you have a project due in a week, map out your approach. Rather than playing it by ear, try reading the outline a couple times.

Exams: If you aren’t sure what is going to be on the test, meet with your professor one on one and ask other students in class.

TAKE NOTES: Once you have shed some light on your direction and you have developed a solid strategy, move forward.  Never move around in the darkness because Bane was raised in it and he will beat your ass. Sallimsayin’


2. Attractive People, Distract People

Always stay focused. Finding someone to care about is wildly necessary but so is not failing out of college. Be sure to find balance.

A stressful relationship doesn’t always mean that the person is secretly the mastermind behind your demise, trying to fulfill Ras al Ghul destiny.

The person you are with should be supportive of your goals and aspirations not trying to stab you through your awesome tricked out black bat armor.


3. Work With People You Trust

In a city of corruption and violence, Batman has hand pick an incredible team to surround himself with. This is no accident. There is a good reason why Bruce Wayne pals around with Alfred, Robin, Gordon, and Fox. These great men are as important if not more important than Batman’s gadgets. Their willingness to keep Batman motivated and looking in the right direction is what really makes Batman who he is in this film.

While there will be times when you, like Batman, should look at a friend who wants to study with you and say in a raspy voice “I work alone.”

There will also be times when study groups are beneficial. Try to always remember the value of a targeted team approach.

Remember iron sharpens iron and there will be a day when you need to lean on those around you.


4. Always Being Prepared

Walking into a presentation or exam unprepared is asking for your back to be broken.

If you want to have a fighting chance against some of the biggest most juiced up challenges, you are going to have to be ready.

Saying something as simple as “know your course material” feels trite and condescending
but the sad truth is that there are people who don’t grasp these simple fundamental

Don’t ever get too cocky because even badass billionaire Bruce Wayne can get is ass handed to him.


5. Why Do We Fall Down?

So we can learn to pick ourselves up.  Perhaps no greater theme has stretched across Nolan’s Batmanverse, and for good reason.  Not only is it appealing to the ears, but it carries weight in any world, fictional, collegiate, or the oft cited “Real World” our parents and professors have so-long tried to prepare us for.

We will all fall at some point.  Some assignments will simply break us.  Mental exhaustion is a real thing and something that all of us must prepare for.  When it happens you mustn’t let it halt you.  Whether it was a paper or an exam, you learn from your mistakes, swallow your pride and move forward.  You’re not the first person who turned in a masterpiece only to be handed back more red ink than you saw in the entirety of high school, and you won’t be the last.

Failing is a college course that offers no credit.

And the only way to ace this class is to keep doing the work, keep attending the lectures , and keep fighting for justice doing your best. The fact of the matter is, no matter what you do, trust me something in college will eventually break you. Even if you are prepared and you studied like a mad man.  The true strength is never giving up. Rise, dust yourself off and try again. Gotham Your G.P.A Needs You.

Maximillian Garland| Bright Futura Columnist

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  3. It’s been a while because I read DKR, but I seem to keep in mind it dealt a attractive good bit with the Reagan age and Cold-war theme. Surely there are a few novel that deal with the cold war that you might find a way to slot in.

  4. I am doing a two-year program (it's a Canadian B.Ed program that is only open to citizens who already have one undergraduate degree). For the first year we "undergraduate teach" two days per week, but we are mostly there to watch.

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