Sci-Fi Fan: Starter Kit


The introduction explains why you should read this article. The article will use gifs, and Sci-Fi references to convince the reader that this will be an article worth reading. The target audience is College Seniors, Community College students, and college dropouts who arent exactly sure about the future. 1. Sunday Service Product: Star wars toys, Marvel toys, Star projector night light, Power of Positive Thinking, Ad space, Audible subscription Reference: E.T, Aliens,… Read More

The Ultimate Guide To Being Gluten Free In College

gluten free in college

The number one question on every Gluten Free intolerant College students mind is  “How the hell am I going to eat?” ” How the fuck am I going to have a social life?” But remember you aren’t allergic to artificial light or water. Sure Gluten Intolerance sucks but it could be worse.  So suck it up and lets survive college dining like champs. The aim of this article is to not only… Read More

No. 1 Cause of Deaths In Young People Is …


When you think of how to achieve public-health progress in the developing world, you might think of engineering clean water sources and sanitation to prevent water-borne diseases. You might think of implementing measures to stop the spread of malaria, like mosquito nets. You might think of distributing vaccines, or designing education programs about HIV/AIDS. What you probably wouldn’t think of is figuring out how to keep people safe from traffic. Every six… Read More

Could This Pedal Desk Save Your Lazy Ass?

Pedal Desk

Whether we are stalking people on facebook or building applications for iphones, we all have to admit we spend countless hours of our day in front of our computer screens. But our bodies weren’t made for such lack luster activity. While our minds explore the universe that is the internet, our bodies are stuck planted in our seats doing jack shit. Related: 20 Amazing iPhone Apps Developed By Students Thus, the pedal… Read More

How To Cook Eggs In The Microwave Like A Boss [vid]


Maybe the dining hall is closed, or perhaps you’re late to class but you really really really want some breakfast (who doesn’t). And today cereal bars just ain’t gonna cut it! Today you want some eggs DAMN IT. But most of us don’t have the luxury of a stove. That’s why YOU yes you are going to microwave them.   Total Time: 6 mins Prep Time: 5 mins Cook Time: 1 mins… Read More

How Many Red Bulls Would It Take To Kill You?


It’s late, you’ve been working and studying for hours. Caffeine is pumping in your veins because you’ve drunk 2 Red Bulls and three cups of coffee in the last 6 hours. If you drink a red bull now, what are the chances that you’ll die? Lucky for you, the crazy people at energyfiend developed a tool that can solve problems just like this one. Just enter your weight and type of beverage… Read More

An Hour Of Smoking Hookah Is As Harmful As 100 Cigarettes


Hubbly-bubbly, hookah or shisha – whatever name it goes by, puffing on a Turkish waterpipe is the latest trend to hit bars and cafes. The flavored tobacco, which is smoked via a long pipe connected to a vessel filled with water, is particularly fashionable among us college students, with the number of specialist bars rising 210 percent since 2007. But the World Health Organization has warned that a one-hour shisha session can be… Read More

7 Wild Things You Can Do On Campus For Free


Living on campus is a blast, this is especially if you are a part of clubs and campus organizations. However every campus has its lulls in fun activities. When things on campus get dry and boring it is important to mix things up. And while we would all like to get other there and do any and all activities, funds are usually low. So below I have put together a list of… Read More

Starbucks Reveals Popular Drink Contains Crushed Bugs


(elitedaily) Have you ever wondered how Starbucks makes their Strawberry Frappuccinos look so vibrantly pink? The pink hue is thanks to crushed up insects, according to new information provided by the coffee chain giant. In a statement released by Starbucks, the company has revealed that they use cochineal extract, which is the ground-up bodies of insects, as a dye for the popular rose-coloured beverage.   Bugs from mainly Mexico and South America are dried… Read More

Want To Relax Better: Stop Monetizing Your Time


A research study conducted at the University of Toronto suggest something that most of us already know. After all it’s no secret that thinking about money all the time leads to anxiety, but what makes the research published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology so interesting is that it suggests that when you think about your hourly wage all the time you start to consider your leisure time lost revenue. The… Read More