Want To Relax Better: Stop Monetizing Your Time

A research study conducted at the University of Toronto suggest something that most of us already know. After all it’s no secret that thinking about money all the time leads to anxiety, but what makes the research published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology so interesting is that it suggests that when you think about your hourly wage all the time you start to consider your leisure time lost revenue.

The result? Lots of trouble relaxing.

think about money

The study

In a series of studies, participants were asked to complete several leisurely tasks both after calculating their hourly wages and not.

The result

The participants who thought about their hourly wage were impatient and struggled to relax and enjoy the activities. The problem is that people tend to think of time as money and then attribute that idea to everything they do.

 What this means

If you tend to work out your hourly wage throughout the day because you’re freelancing, working part time, or you’re just worried about money, this is a good reminder to stop and let your mind wander away from that.

Instead of thinking about watching a movie as two hours of work lost, try to enjoy it or schedule time for your media to alleviate any feeling of “lost time.”


Tim, money, and happiness: How does putting a price on time affect our ability to smell the roses? | Journal of Experimental Social Psychology via BPS Research Digest


via lifehacker

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  7. I agree with you that stop running for money takes some time for yourself and relax as much as you can because if you keep running for money then you will get depressed because your body also wants some rest if you keep working and didn’t take rest then a time will come when your body will give up some make sure you take some time for yourself.

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