Use Pepper to Keep Your Colors Bright

by AuthorLaura Schluckebier

Laundry is an on-going battle in college. You’re either trying to find spare quarters for the wash, cursing the non-working washers and dryers, or battling out with other students for that last free washer on Sunday night at 11:00. We’ve got to separate our colors, remember not to dry that already tight shirt or else it’ll shrink, and deal with the colors in our clothes fading after washing them too many times.

Well, thankfully, Reader’s Digest has come up with a tip to help prevent that last laundry woe. If you add just a teaspoon of pepper to your load of colors, your clothes will keep their bright colors. Adding pepper also helps prevent the colors running with colors on other pieces of clothing. In addition to setting your washer to cold, pepper seems like a great, inexpensive way to keep your clothes looking their best, no matter what kind of hell you put them through during your college adventures.

[via Reader’s Digest and Lifehacker]

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