Top 5 Strangest College Degrees: Hobbies vs Degrees

We could make a fortune selling education to idiots

– College

I am not going to outright say these degree are stupid but I will outright say that they’re strange and seemingly useless. (harsh words, I know) But what gives me the authority to decide what degrees are irrelevant. See for yourself! Below I have complied a list of

The Top 5 Strangest College Degrees


1.  Bowling Industry Management

While I recognize that 70 million people participate in bowling annually, I still think this degree is rather odd. I can’t imagine what the finals would be like.

worthless degree

Institution(s) that offer this degree: Vincennes University

Possible careers: Bowling lane owner or manager, manufacturer sales representative


2.  Puppetry

I love sesame street as much as the next kid but come on people really? Granted, Puppetry is an art form and I’m not going to act like I could pick up a lifeless toy and do wonders with it but at the same time is it something to major in.

Institution(s) that offer this degree: University of Connecticut, University of Hawaii and  Evergreen State College

Possible careers: Teaching puppetry, puppet maker, stay at home dad

New Rule:

Don’t major in anything your professor couldn’t find a job in. It is one thing for a professor to just love teaching, it is another thing entirely for him to be restricted to only teaching because his field doesn’t exist.

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3. Comedic Studies

Have you ever heard the saying “You shouldn’t have to explain a joke”. Well you also shouldn’t have to teach a joke. Anyone who is funny is talented but you can’t teach talent. Practice makes perfect but a degree in something you could just as easily practice is a degree in debt and stupidity. People need to understand that higher learning is no laughing matter.

Practice makes perfect but a degree in something you could just as easily practice is a degree in debt and stupidity.

Institution(s) that offer this degree: Southampton Solent University, UK

Possible careers: Teaching comedy, comedian, youtuber, clown

Joke: I majored in Comedy Studies.

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4. Auctioneering

I can’t even think of anything to say about this degree program…I have no words.

Institution(s) that offer this degree: Harrisburg Area Community College, Pennsylvania’s Harrisburg Area Community College.

Possible career: Auctioneer, Ebay expert?


5. Citrus Studies

college classes

Did you ever wonder why oranges smell really good? Or why oranges are named after their color or is it the other way around (just blew your mind didn’t I). Then perhaps this degree program is for you.

Studying citrus studies rather then plant biology, horticultural sciences will give you all the time in the world to think about oranges while you work as a fruit vendor! Good luck paying of those student loans though!

Did you know there are 80 varieties of citrus trees? Did you care?

Institution(s) that offer this degree: Florida Southern College

Possible careers: Citrus grove manager, citrus fruit researcher, Fruit vendor


Hobby vs Degree:

College is a learning institution not a summer camp. You go to college to major in things that will better your career not fulfill your childhood fantasies. Taking classes on something you could just as easily study of the internet or in a library is stupid and financially reckless.

If you want to be a baker, bake at home and major in business or something. Majoring in anything that can be confused for a hobby on your resume is a bad idea.


Maximillian Garland | Bright Futura Columnist

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