Top 10 Most Popular Blog Posts Of 2011

While we at bright futura have only recently come onto the scene that hasn’t stopped us from hitting the ground running. We work hard at making sure that we as college students get the most entertaining and relevant up to date information around the clock. It has taken a lot of trial and error but I think we are beginning to get our footing. So as a bit of a victory lap, we have gathered together a list of our most viewed and shared articles of 2011. Just wait till you see what 2012 will bring (as long as the apocalypse doesn’t destroy us).

Below Is A List Of The Most Highly Viewed And Shared Articles Of 2011

1. My BFF’s GF: The Other Third Wheel

 Surviving Your BFF’s Significant Other

Living with your best friend is one of those things in life that most people (at least guys) think is the greatest thing in the world.  Nerf wars, gaming sessions, always got someone to split the cost of take-out with; it really doesn’t get too much better.

That’s why most people, after their freshman year at least, opt to share a dorm with whoever they’re closest with.  And then you graduate and you hopefully get your dream apartment.  You’ll celebrate the joint purchase of a (read more)

Author: Jeffery Giorgi | posted: 12.27.2011


2. (EXCLUSIVE) Student Review of Childish Gambino’s Debut Album “Camp”

Listen to the full album here.

Odds are you’ve heard of Donald Glover: Writer for 30 Rock, comedian, and Troy Barnes on Community. I can say with certainty that you probably haven’t heard about his rap career: Childish Gambino. Donald started making music in college and that is when it all started. He made a few mixtapes but it all came full circle when he made Culdesac, his first full album by the new Donald Glover, the one who isn’t afraid to tell the real truth about his life. Donald released EP in the spring which featured Freaks and Geeks, a song that has become popular among college kids.

Below is a brief overview of each song off the album. Enjoy (read more)

Author: Matthew Maddock | posted: 11.6.2011


3. The 8 People You Meet And Eventually Become In College

image by collegehumor

College is full of characters, people of all walks of life coming together to study and become future world leaders.  The people and friends you meet in college will eventually influence you. There are 8 Classes of college student I have listed, this is not to say you will become just like them, but you will be become parts of them. I am All Purpose Nerd, Tough Worker, Whatever, with hints of Outgoer (read more)

Author: Leon Langford | posted: 12.10.2011


4. How To Deal With Professors That Hate You

There are someone professors who don’t wait till Halloween to be horrifying and there are others who may just not like you. Whatever your situation, these 7 tips can help you deal with a professor that hates you (read more)

Author: Maximillian Garland | posted: 10.13.2011


5. Grade Inflation: Colleges With The Easiest And Hardest Grades

Grade inflation has been raging for years on college campuses, but professors at some schools have never got the message to go easy on the grading.

Where do college students encounter the toughest grading? Stuart Rojstaczer, a former Duke professor, who created, compiled a list of schools earlier this year of the toughest graders.

At the 16 colleges and universities on the list, it’s significantly harder to get A’s than the typical campus. Not all of the schools have particularly low GPA’s, but Rojstaczer observed that there are selective schools on this list that would prompt you to expect more A’s. (read more) | posted: 12.16.2011


6. The Ultimate Showdown: Prezi vs. Powerpoint

What is Prezi? Prezi is a web-based presentation tool. I couldn’t help but compare it to the well-known Microsoft Powerpoint. I can say Prezi does have many aspects that surpass Powerpoint. But is that enough to take home the championship belt?

Round 1: Text or Graphics? (read more)

Author: Sabrina Ahmed | posted: 12.3.2011

7. College As Told By Kanye West gifs

Bored In Class

College is the best time of your life, and is now known as a mandatory means in which to secure a job. This article will focus on Kanye West, who, despite being a College Dropout, will show you how to deal with college; all the way from Late Registration to Graduation. For some people college is a Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, but with the right pals and mentors by your side by the time you graduate you’ll be looking at your boss saying, “Watch the Throne.” (read more)

Author: Leon Langford | posted: 12.15.2011


8. The Dwindling Power Of A College Degree

The 2012 presidential election can be seen as offering a choice between two visions of how to return us to this country’s golden age — from roughly 1945 to around 1973 — when working life was most secure for many Americans, particularly white, middle-class men. President Obama said his jobs plan was for people who believed “if you worked hard and played by the rules, you would be rewarded.”

Mitt Romney explained his goal was to restore hope for “folks who grew up believing that if they played by the rules . . . they would have the chance to build a good life.” But these days (read more)

Adam Davidson via nytimes | posted: 11.28.2011


9. How Not To Die While Partying

No lie, it’s been a long time since I’ve been an undergraduate freshman, but now that I’m a graduate student freshman in a new school and a new state, I’m finding many parallels to then and now. To keep things interesting I will provide some sage-like advice from someone who has already graduated, in my series HOW NOT TO DIE IN COLLEGE (HOW NOT TO DIE INC):

Please Abide By These Rules While Partying: (read more)

Author: Leon Langford | posted: 11.28.2011


10. Six Websites That Will Save Your Academic Career

Hint: Facebook isnt one of them

Take it from someone who has graduated, college is only as easy as you make it. Throughout my years in college I have relied on only a few sites to assist me in my academics. I graduated with a degree in English, so the list here is a little biased in terms of subject matter but I tried to make it accessible to everyone. I will show you my favorite sites, and show you not only how to use them effectively but how to use them to your advantage. (read more)

Author: Leon Langford | posted: 12.10.2011


What Was Your Favorite Blog Post Of 2011? Which Did You Share/Tweet?


Maximillian Garland | bright futura columnist


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