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The Scary State of Student Debt [Inforgraphic]

The state of student debt is downright horrifying. I know a lot of us simple avoid the idea of paying off our debts like the plague.

So how scary is it?

According the stats below

  • 76% of young people surveyed believe it has gotten harder to afford college in the last five years.
  • Only 21% of young people surveyed believe students graduate with a manageable amount of college loan debt.
  • The average student debt of new college graduates in 2010 was $22,900 as compared to only $7,000 in 2000.
  • The average student debt in 2010 is 47% more than in 2000, even when adjusted for inflation.

This infographic from Top Colleges Online takes a look at student loans.

Also, try to say the title of this post 10 times fast!

how to pay college loans

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