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The New Deal For Student Loans [Infographic]

The Occupy movement that once begin in NY only a couple of months ago has now branched out across the country. And while there are  many needs being expressed on the signs of protesters, one of the major cries for change is coming from college students. Students all over the country are all talking about the same thing “Student Loan Debt”.

So the guys at Online University have made an infographic explaining President Obama’s new plan that could help college students and graduates manage their loan debt.

The new plan covers a lot of ground including

  • loan consolidation
  •  loan forgiveness
  •  improving the repayment system.

However, while there are a lot of upsides to the plan there are also a lot of  shortfalls and requirements that you should also be aware.

This plan is not official yet. It’s a response to the petition containing over 600,000 signatures asking the president to forgive student loans.

Below Is An Inforgraphic Of The New Deal For Student Loans

New Student Loan Deal

Created by: Online University

What do you think? Will it fix our problem? Make it worse?

8 Comments on “The New Deal For Student Loans [Infographic]

  1. The stuff on student debt is great. I just grad in 2011 and some of this info has been really helpful. Thanks!

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