Bands and Bonds: Music and Friendship


(Vernon Keeve III) When I was growing up, I used to bob my head to TLC’s “What About Your Friends”. I took a verdant approach to the song—listening to the beat and only the beat. Then one day it dawned on me—not with this song, but another—if I would have just listened to the words of that damn song when I was younger, then some of that shit I went through would… Read More

Finding Myself and The Citadel Complex

Finding Yourself In College

(Vernon Keeve III) The strangest thing happened to me in the Bay Area—something that I spent the longest time in Virginia trying to do. I found myself. As an undergrad writer, I got to a point where I felt I had found my voice and grounded in my style, but I still felt hindered—like I wasn’t be all I could. If anything, my first semester of graduate school has taught me: yes,… Read More