How Hard Is It For A PhD To Find A Job?

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A consequence of the “Great Recession,” states across the country have been mired in debt and forced to make dramatic cuts to higher education. As funding for higher education constricts, fewer tenure track academic positions for recent graduates are opening as universities increasingly turn to economically cheaper adjunct and part-time professors to instruct their ballooning classes. Amid this reduction in the demand for PhDs is the fact that the United States is… Read More

5 Signs He’s Just Not That Into You…


Have you been feeling lately that your boyfriend or partner is not showing interest in you? Do you feel that he’s deliberately not making enough time for you? These are possible signs of a dwindling relationship. I think some of these reasons are pretty self-explanatory. However, I did make it a point to expand on them. The following are five signs that he’s just not that into you… This article is not… Read More

5 Things You Should Do To Prepare for College


A few weeks ago, one of the guidance counselors from our school came to talk to our sophomore Ethics class. The lecture was about preparing for college and what it takes to get there. Let’s face it: college is tough. It’s all new things, you will be doing everything alone, and everything is expensive. It’s a whole new world. So why not start now and be ready when those college applications come… Read More

Student Coupons & Sales: Week of 12/2/11


Aeropostale is offering 50% off hoodies from now through 12/8. Banana Republic will give you 30% off full-priced styles through 12/4 with code BRTAKE30. (Some exclusions apply.) Bloomingdales is having a Private Sale from now through 12/4: Save 20-40% off a great selection of regular-priced women’s styles, 30% off select regular-priced handbags, wallets, wristlets and more, and 30% off a great selection of regular-priced women’s shoes. Also, get free shipping on any… Read More

9 Ways to Impress Me With Your Resume


I RECEIVE A LOT OF RESUMES AT ROCK-IT, AND WHILE THERE ARE DEFINITELY SOME GREAT CANDIDATES IN THE MIX, I CAN’T HELP BUT QUESTION SOME OF THE SUBMISSIONS that come in. Whether they are from PR newbies or seasoned pros, some are riddled with errors, some spell my name incorrectly, some don’t spell check — it’s a surefire way to not get hired. To help out anybody seeking a new job right… Read More

What to Wear to Meet with Your Advisor


THANKS TO ALL THE FUN ASPECTS OF THE COLLEGE EXPERIENCE, IT CAN BE EASY TO FORGET WHY WE”RE ACTUALLY AT COLLEGE… to get a degree and figure out what we want to do with the rest of our lives. For me, this is a terrifying thought that brings up many questions — how will I use my degree once I graduate? How can I score a research position to improve my resume?… Read More