How To Write A Resume (Must Read)


I have met people in their second year of college who have resumes that have not been updated since high school. In fact, I can think of a couple instances of people who don’t even have resumes at all. You can guess what their job situation is like. Not having a strong resume means one of three things: You are completely underestimating the value of a resume. You are extremely confident that… Read More

Use Your Snooze Alarm to Stay On Task in the Morning

digital alarm clock

While staying in bed and snoozing your alarm will certainly make you late for work, reader Mythimna shows us how you can use it to keep you moving quickly in the morning. Instead of snoozing your alarm while staying in bed, snooze it as you run around the house getting ready to leave: If you have trouble staying on task in the morning, don’t turn off your alarm. Just hit snooze. Each… Read More