How To Join The College Party

Many people are asking how to join The College Party. We have gotten countless emails. I mean billions! So just to make it easy,  we at Bright Futura have decided to create a How To Join The College Party step by step guide.   Step 1: Stand up, raise your right eyebrow and read the below statement aloud I pledge allegiance to the Flag (we don’t have a flag yet) and The… Read More

Barack Obama Singing Boyfriend by Justin Bieber


What Is The College Party? The College Party is a new political organization that is pretty much better than all the other lame ass political parties combined ( If you are in college and you aren’t interested in joining The College Party, you are probably extremely racist and hate education, new born babies, and delicious breakfasts in bed.   What Is The College Party’s Political Platform? Uhh…things that matter to college students… Read More