Why Employeers Are Unsatisfied With College Grads


Employer unhappiness with college graduates is nothing new. As the president of the University of Washington, Michael K. Young, told me recently, “employers have never been happy with the graduates colleges are producing.” Still, with three million unfilled jobs in a bad economy, it stands to reason that some employers are having difficulty finding the right workers. In the past few months, at conferences, at dinners, and on airplanes, I’ve had the… Read More

College Presidents Ball Out [$4.9 million]

College President's Salaries[1]

(MoneyWatch)¬†If you were to guess who the nation’s highest paid college presidents are, I’m sure the president of Mountain State University would never make the list. Charles H. Polk, who is the president of Mountain State University in Beckley, W. Va., was the sixth best paid private¬† college president in 2009, according to a report released today by The Chronicle of Higher Education. Mountain State devoted 3.5% of its budget to Polk’s… Read More