No. 1 Cause of Deaths In Young People Is …


When you think of how to achieve public-health progress in the developing world, you might think of engineering clean water sources and sanitation to prevent water-borne diseases. You might think of implementing measures to stop the spread of malaria, like mosquito nets. You might think of distributing vaccines, or designing education programs about HIV/AIDS. What you probably wouldn’t think of is figuring out how to keep people safe from traffic. Every six… Read More

Students Can’t Stop Texting, Even to Sleep


Another buzz from her cellphone: Ms. Fox, of the U. of Rhode Island, awakens to tap out a reply. She’ll go back to sleep … until the next text message. Michelle Fox had just fallen asleep when her cellphone buzzed on the night table. She read the text message from her friend, thought about answering it, but then remembered her early class and instead tried to fall back to sleep. But Ms…. Read More