To Do List Before You Commit Suicide


Before anyone commits suicide they should do all of the following.   1. Clean your living space: Clutter is gross and a clean house always makes things better. Plus when they find your rotting carcass you don’t want people to think you were a slob.   2. Do the above while listening to extremely uplifting music (Israel kamakawiwo’ole- over the rainbow, U2- beautiful day, A Tribe Called Quest- Can I Kick It,… Read More

Campus Suicide Leaves Students Struggling: Temple Univ (VID)

Temple university

Temple University in Pennsylvania is struggling to understand a shocking suicide that took place in the middle of their campus Thursday night, when a 25-year-old former student fatally shot himself in the head. Tobi Lim Sonstroem, from Berwyn, Penn., died at the scene, according to reports. The shooting took place at one of the busiest areas on campus and Sonstroem was reported to be alone at the time. “We all are in… Read More

Father Sues Cornell For $180 Million Over Son’s Death

Flickr: Averian

The father of Cornell student who committed suicide last year by jumping off a bridge near campus has filed a suit against the university asking for $180 million dollars in damages. Howard Ginsburg, father of late student Bradley Ginsburg, alleged in his filing last week that the school should have taken more proactive measures to ensure the safety of the bridges, as well as letting parents know about the severity of the… Read More