10 Feelings You Get While Studying


As you probably know studying pulls on many emotions. Most of these emotion are very difficult to put into words, soooo I figured I would convey them with meaningful gifs. You can thank me later. 1.Loneliness   2.  Trapped   3.Failure   4. QWOP’ed out   5. Deep Sadness   6. Cluelessness   7. Terror   8.  Suicidal 9. Astonished 10. Eureka!    

5 Things Batman Can Teach You About College

what batman can teach you about college

(Warning Contains Minor Spoilers: But if you haven’t seen TDK by now you should just quit at life.) 1. Have A Plan That Makes Sense And Works. There were plenty of examples in this film of poor planning and lack of a strategy — For instances When Commissioner Gordon sends all of his cops underground. Seriously… very dumb! Or when Batman being as out of shape as he was, goes to face… Read More

Top 100 Songs To Listen To While Studying

top 100 study songs

Unlike my roommates in college, I never had the ability to study while listening to my favorite popular music.  Maybe I’m incompetent but my brain just can’t handle the competition between written text and sung vocals. I did however discover that instrumental playlists plus the sound of rain is amazingly helpful when it comes time to hit the books. With instrumentals and rainymood, I can appease my need for audio stimulation without… Read More

Find Your Cave And Brace Yourself For Exams

cave people

Every great hero has had their own fortress of solitude. Batman has the Batcave, the Teen Titans have Titan Tower, the X-men have Xavier’s Mansion and you… well you have your dorm, I guess? But we all know that during periods of intense studying we need a super secret fortress that can protect us from loud annoying roommates, and other trouble-some distractions. Before things get to crazy and all the good spots… Read More

LeechBlock: Save Yourself From Time Sucking Sites Online


Even though that report is due by the end of the day, you spent the last two hours stalking friends on facebook and watching Key and Peele YouTube clips because you are weak and lack self control. Worry not for you are not alone. You much like many of us just can’t help yourself. So if you regularly find yourself clicking around Facebook, keyboard covered in drool, when you’re supposed to be… Read More

The Art Of Memorization


Imagine a delicate chinaware plate with a big crack running down the middle of it. Now imagine a tiny fountain pen sticking straight up out of that crack. Next imagine a full-grown Jersey cow balancing on top of this pen. Then on top of this cow is George Washington. Washington has a big cut on his forehead, so he put a bandage there to heal it. Now, repeat the order back to… Read More

Time on Facebook (kind of) helps your GPA


Facebook might not be to blame for that C you got in economics, a new study published last week finds. The survey of 1,839 undergraduates found no real evidence to support the popular belief that spending time on Facebook hurts student’s grades.

Staying Afloat During The Semester


We never realize how much can happen in the first month of the semester until it actually happens. We all say to ourselves, “Sure I can go out to the bar tonight, even though it’s Tuesday. What else do I have to do?” The thing is, we never answer that second part of the thought: “What else do I have to do?” We all know damn well what we have to do… Read More

Dos and Don’ts of Doing Work at a Coffee Shop


When you’re working on huge paper or studying for that insane midterm, sometimes you need to put yourself in a new environment in order to stimulate your brain cells. I usually go to the library for peace and quiet, but there is a growing trend of students venturing off campus to local coffee shops to do their work. This seems like a pretty good deal. You camp out at your favorite table,… Read More