12 Things College Students Don’t Need


Of course, not all students’ needs are the same — students in medical studies, for example, may not require might need a powerful computer while students engineering and computer science may. But, generally speaking, here are 12 expenses campus life doesn’t absolutely require: 12 Things College Students Don’t Need   1. New textbooks Never ever ever buy a new textbook from the box store. While the convenience may be tempting you honestly… Read More

Obama Calls on Students to Tell Congress: #DontDoubleMyRate

President Barack Obama, told a rowdy college-age crowd at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill on Tuesday that he knows first-hand about the burden of student loans because he only managed to pay his back a scant eight years ago. “Michelle and I, we’ve been in your shoes,” Obama, who turns 51 in August, told a cheering, capacity crowd of 8,000 at Carmichael Arena. President Obama went on to say… Read More

The Scary State of Student Debt [Inforgraphic]

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The state of student debt is downright horrifying. I know a lot of us simple avoid the idea of paying off our debts like the plague. So how scary is it? According the stats below 76% of young people surveyed believe it has gotten harder to afford college in the last five years. Only 21% of young people surveyed believe students graduate with a manageable amount of college loan debt. The average… Read More