Free App Makes Creating Notecards Stupid Easy Yo!


Ok, so basically making flash cards takes time, and time doesn’t grow on trees, right? Of course it doesn’t idiot. You might know that apples are the things that grow on tree’s if you used StudyBlue. What is StudyBlue you ask? Ahh lemme tell you young honey child. What is it? StudyBlue is a cute widdle webapp that lets you create bad ass muthaf***ing digital flash cards directly from notes you take… Read More

‘Should I Break Up With My Boyfriend?’ This App Will Tell You


I’m a month late on this, but there’s a newish app out for iPhone that’ll help you figure out if you should stay or go. It’s called “Should I Break Up With My Boyfriend?,” and it’ll supposedly help you finalize your decision about whether you want to make a clean break from a mundane relationship or stick it out because he might be the one. The app has you track how you… Read More