To Do List Before You Commit Suicide


Before anyone commits suicide they should do all of the following.   1. Clean your living space: Clutter is gross and a clean house always makes things better. Plus when they find your rotting carcass you don’t want people to think you were a slob.   2. Do the above while listening to extremely uplifting music (Israel kamakawiwo’ole- over the rainbow, U2- beautiful day, A Tribe Called Quest- Can I Kick It,… Read More

10 Feelings You Get While Studying


As you probably know studying pulls on many emotions. Most of these emotion are very difficult to put into words, soooo I figured I would convey them with meaningful gifs. You can thank me later. 1.Loneliness   2.  Trapped   3.Failure   4. QWOP’ed out   5. Deep Sadness   6. Cluelessness   7. Terror   8.  Suicidal 9. Astonished 10. Eureka!