Student Review Of A Runnur Carry All

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Watch Runnur Commercial   Student Review Of The Runnur The reflective zipper pouch just below the sunglasses case is the largest pocket on the Runnur. I kept a pair of the Bright Futura sunglasses (Shameless self promotion).   I would recommend not stuffing the back pockets with to many items unless you are going to be on your feet all day. When sitting down I noticed that items in the back pockets… Read More

Bright Futura Comment Contest And $100 Giveaway


Information on how to win the big prizes are at the bottom… You just scrolled to the bottom didn’t you!    Things You Should Know Below is an interview with the CEO of Runnur. I got a chance to meet and talk with him. For any aspiring entrepreneurs out there, the interview with Andrew the Creator of Runnur is really worth your time.    I Don’t Read Things, I’m Just Here To… Read More

Interview With Andrew Hamra CEO of Runnur

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How Did You Get Started? I got started about 4 years ago. I had a bad back and the doctor told me that I should not carry all of my every day items on my back. So I tried carrying some of the smaller items in my front pockets like my keys, my wallet, my phone and stuff. But it made me feel clunky. I figured their had to be a better… Read More