DROP ALL YOUR CLASSES: Robots Just Learned To Walk


Drop your classes and head to your nearest underground bunker because our robot overlords have just learned to walk on their own. The saddest part is that it was developed by students just like you and me from Nagoya Institute of Technology, is a public highest-level educational institution of science and technology located in Nagoya, Japan.

‘Real Steal': Student Movie Review


In Shawn Levy’s “Real Steel,” the only difference between the world of today and that of tomorrow is the prevalence of fighting robots. No, not the kind bent on world domination—boxing robots. These hulking humanoid machines fight each other for our entertainment, and apparently haven’t yet entered their Skynet phase. The film, which features Hugh Jackman, Evangeline Lilly, and a breakout performance by 12-year-old Dakota Goyo, coasts on its evocative imagery and… Read More