Student Review Of Jack Johnson’s Christmas Album


It’s getting to be that time of year again. Mounds of mallows topping off mugs of hot cocoa, well-placed mistletoe dangling overhead, and the same Christmas songs you hear every damn December. But not now. Not this year. Not with This Warm December. Jack Johnson and Co. are back again with their second album chalked full of classics for the holidays, both new and old. If you love “Frosty the Snowman,” then… Read More

‘Real Steal': Student Movie Review


In Shawn Levy’s “Real Steel,” the only difference between the world of today and that of tomorrow is the prevalence of fighting robots. No, not the kind bent on world domination—boxing robots. These hulking humanoid machines fight each other for our entertainment, and apparently haven’t yet entered their Skynet phase. The film, which features Hugh Jackman, Evangeline Lilly, and a breakout performance by 12-year-old Dakota Goyo, coasts on its evocative imagery and… Read More

Kids These Days finally in the door


A YEAR AGO, KIDS THESE DAYS WAS A CALLOW CHICAGO BAND FOR WHOM PLAYING LOLLAPALOOZA WAS LITTLE MORE THAN A DREAM. The near death experience of Vic Mensa The band’s MC, Vic Mensa, still wanted to attend the festival, but he didn’t have the money. So he tried to jump a fence to get in. Bad move. He ended up losing his grip and falling backward off the fence onto a transformer.

Product Review: LapDawg X4


NOTHING IS MORE FRUSTRATING THAN HAVING YOUR LAPTOP COOK YOUR CROTCH AS YOU STUDY for a important exam. So we decided to look up the perfect solution. After reading reviews and checking prices this “laptop stand” while a little price is the perfect alternative to having your reproductive organs microwaved. So, what’s different about the LapDawg X4 Laptop Stand? First off, it’s probably best to not call it a laptop stand since… Read More

Review: ‘Fright Night’


By Eliana Carmona “Fright Night” lies somewhere between the genres of horror and comedy, a line difficult to walk.  Overdo the jokes and the entire movie becomes a farce; fail to be funny enough, and all you’ve made is a bad horror movie.  Surprisingly enough, though, “Fright Night” manages to toe that line with apparent ease, melding the genres to create a thoroughly enjoyable viewing experience.