15 Barack Obama 2012 Election Memes


Congrats to President Barack Obama on a second term. And like anything of monumental significance the internet did not waste time lampooning the subject. Here are some of the best 2012 Election Memes and images from around the web. 1.   2.    3. 4.   5.   6. 7. 8.    9.  10.   11.   12.   13.   14. 15.   Ps. I heard Colorado is the new Amsterdam  … Read More

What Did The Last 10 Presidents Look Like In College?


Even the commander and chief was a freshman at one point. The leader and former leaders of our country did big things as presidents but there was a time when they were scrambling to make deadlines just like you. It is hard to get a sense of their youth when you look at pictures of them now, so I have assembled old school snapshots of the last 10 presidents of the USA…. Read More

House GOP To back lower student loan rates [vid]

house gop on student loans

House Republicans are looking to rain on President Barack Obama’s student loan parade.   Wait, so what is happening? Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) announced Wednesday that the House will vote on a bill to keep government-subsidized student loan rates from doubling for the next year, a tactic aimed at blunting Obama’s attempt to paint the GOP as deaf to the concerns of college students.   How Do Republicans Want To Pay For… Read More

Obama Calls on Students to Tell Congress: #DontDoubleMyRate

President Barack Obama, told a rowdy college-age crowd at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill on Tuesday that he knows first-hand about the burden of student loans because he only managed to pay his back a scant eight years ago. “Michelle and I, we’ve been in your shoes,” Obama, who turns 51 in August, told a cheering, capacity crowd of 8,000 at Carmichael Arena. President Obama went on to say… Read More

Can Obama Make College Tuition Affordable?

college reform

ANN ARBOR, Mich. — President Barack Obama says colleges and universities must be held accountable for the rising cost of higher education. Speaking at the University of Michigan, Obama says the government cannot just keep subsidizing student aid. He says every college and university must help make sure every American can afford a world class higher education. Obama wants to shift some federal funds away from colleges and universities that don’t control… Read More

College Students On The Presidential Race [Infographic]

Screen shot 2012-01-03 at 11.42.29 AM

What do college students want out of the presidential elections? Are they really as apathetic as everyone claims? What issues do they care about? Our friends at CampusLIVE found out and made a handy infographic about it. Enjoy below!   via huffingtonpost

The New Deal For Student Loans [Infographic]

new deal

The Occupy movement that once begin in NY only a couple of months ago has now branched out across the country. And while there are  many needs being expressed on the signs of protesters, one of the major cries for change is coming from college students. Students all over the country are all talking about the same thing “Student Loan Debt”. So the guys at Online University have made an infographic explaining President Obama’s… Read More

Obama’s Student Loan Plan Guide

via media.cleveland.com

WASHINGTON — Recognizing that college students and recent graduates are facing rising tuition prices and burdensome student loan debt, President Barack Obama announced a plan that seeks to lessen the burden of paying back student loans. Some questions and answers about student loans: The cost of a full credit load has passed $8,000 – an all-time high.

Can We Educate Our Way Out of the Unemployment Crisis?


PRESIDENT BARAK OBAMA SPEND YESTERDAY IN CALIFORNIA, FIELDING QUESTIONS ABOUT ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITY AND PUTTING AMERICA BACK TO WORK at a Silicon Valley town hall hosted by social media site LinkedIn. As the nation grapples with a 9.1 percent unemployment rate, the connection between education and ending the nation’s unemployment crisis dominated the conversation.

Nearly 1 Million Young Adults Gain Coverage


by RICARDO ALONSO-ZALDIVAR WASHINGTON — At least one part of President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul has proven popular. With the economy sputtering, the number of young adults covered by health insurance grew by about a million as families flocked to take advantage of a new benefit in the law.