How Not to Die In College: Throwing A Dorm Party


No lie, it’s been a long time since I’ve been an undergraduate freshman, but now that I’m a graduate student in a new school and in a new state, I’m finding many parallels to then and now. To keep things interesting I will provide some sage-like advice from someone who has already graduated, in my series HOW NOT TO DIE IN COLLEGE (HOW NOT TO DIE INC). How Not to Die In College Presents:… Read More

The 8 People You Meet and Eventually Become in College


College is full of characters, people of all walks of life coming together to study and become future world leaders.  The people and friends you meet in college will eventually influence you. There are 8 Classes of college student I have listed, this is not to say you will become just like them, but you will be become parts of them. I am All Purpose Nerd, Tough Worker, Whatever, with hints of Outgoer… Read More