Why 2012 Will Be ‘The Year Of The Nerds’

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College is a time of a great trial for some people, a big party for others, and a proud achievement for most of us. College, like school has it’s own list of characters. The Jock, the hot girl, and the druggie, but the person that always shows up on the bottom of the school social ladder is the nerd. The year is 2012 and the nerd is slowly going through somewhat of public relations… Read More

How Harry Potter is Just Like College


While nothing can come close to the Hogwarts that exists on screen and on page, your own college experience is going to be similar to Harry Potter and his time at Hogwarts. Don’t believe me? Fine we’ll prove it! First Impressions Running To  Class Science Labs Where Everyone Gets It Except For You   Frat Guy Hits On Your Girlfriend      Evil Professors Failing Your First Exam Crazy Roommates Returning Home… Read More

Top 10 Most Popular Blog Posts Of 2011


While we at bright futura have only recently come onto the scene that hasn’t stopped us from hitting the ground running. We work hard at making sure that we as college students get the most entertaining and relevant up to date information around the clock. It has taken a lot of trial and error but I think we are beginning to get our footing. So as a bit of a victory lap,… Read More