Internships After Graduation?


Graduation is a very major milestone in everyone’s lifetime.   After years of continuous studies, quizzes, assignments, and tests, you are finally free to take your first steps in your professional life. However, that is a major test in itself nowadays. With the economic downturn, finding a good job is nearly impossible because of the number of applicants jumping at every good opportunity. What you can do to improve your odds however… Read More

Casting Call! Calling All College Student Journalists!


Are you a student journalist? Campus reporter for your TV station? And are you insanely passionate about the news? mtvU is looking for students like YOU that are already reporting on campus for a chance to be featured on our screens across universities the country. They’re looking for the best and brightest, and if chosen, you could be on-air representing your school this Fall. If you’re interested in this opportunity, please send… Read More

How To Hide Facebook From Your Boss

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So you’re at work or at your internship and you want to check Facebook because lets face it you’re a junky. But what happens if your boss catches you! Hmm… what ever shall you do? Well, we have the answer. Well we personally don’t, BUT lucky for you we’ve found some brilliant and sneaky people who do. The great people at have created a way for you to check Facebook like… Read More

3 Reasons Why You Can Afford An Unpaid Internship


While many experience in college are unique others aren’t anything but. One undying similarity between us college students is the classic dilemma or modernity’s cruel joke surrounding work experience. The classic dilemma can be summarized in one short sentence, You can’t land a job without experience, but can’t get experience without a job. Thus the unpaid internship was born. Now you may view unpaid internships as some sort of new modern day… Read More