Interview With Mason: A Hip Hop Artist On The Come Up


So Mason how did you get started? I got started while doing laundry in college. I didn’t have anything to do while washing my clothes so I started writing songs.   At first it was more rock n roll but once I realized I couldn’t sing the songs became more and more hip-hop.       Did you always want to work in music or is this something you only discovered you… Read More

17 Hip Hop Stars Who Went to College


Article by EVERYBODY KNOWS THAT KANYE WEST DECIDED HE WAS BETTER OFF WITHOUT A HIGHER EDUCATION – see his incredibly successful album, ”College Dropout”. But what about the rappers who stayed in school? Being educated may not be part of the hip hop image, but it has helped a lot of high-profile rappers achieve success. Rap Stars with Degrees While not everyone on this list has graduated, every hip hop artist… Read More