Goverment According To Monty Python

constitutional peasant

Constitutional peasant Dialog: Arthur: Old woman! Dennis: MAN! Arthur: Man, sorry. What knight lives in that castle over there? Dennis: I’m 37. Arthur: What? Dennis: I’m 37, I’m not old! Arthur: Well, I can’t just call you “man”. Dennis: You could say “Dennis”. Arthur: I didn’t know you were called Dennis. Dennis: Well you didn’t bother to find out, did you? Arthur: I did say I’m sorry about the “old woman” thing,… Read More

15 Barack Obama 2012 Election Memes


Congrats to President Barack Obama on a second term. And like anything of monumental significance the internet did not waste time lampooning the subject. Here are some of the best 2012 Election Memes and images from around the web. 1.   2.    3. 4.   5.   6. 7. 8.    9.  10.   11.   12.   13.   14. 15.   Ps. I heard Colorado is the new Amsterdam  … Read More

Barack Obama Singing Boyfriend by Justin Bieber


What Is The College Party? The College Party is a new political organization that is pretty much better than all the other lame ass political parties combined ( If you are in college and you aren’t interested in joining The College Party, you are probably extremely racist and hate education, new born babies, and delicious breakfasts in bed.   What Is The College Party’s Political Platform? Uhh…things that matter to college students… Read More

Santorum: Obama’s education stance is ‘snobbery’

rick santorum

Manchester, New Hampshire (CNN/Raelyn Johnson) – Rick Santorum called President Barack Obama’s education goals an agenda of “hubris” on Saturday, saying he is “outraged” that the president thinks “every child in America should go to college.“ “The hubris of this president to think that he knows what’s best for you […] This is the kind of snobbery that we see from those that think they know how to run our lives,” the… Read More

College Students On The Presidential Race [Infographic]

Screen shot 2012-01-03 at 11.42.29 AM

What do college students want out of the presidential elections? Are they really as apathetic as everyone claims? What issues do they care about? Our friends at CampusLIVE found out and made a handy infographic about it. Enjoy below!   via huffingtonpost

The New Deal For Student Loans [Infographic]

new deal

The Occupy movement that once begin in NY only a couple of months ago has now branched out across the country. And while there are  many needs being expressed on the signs of protesters, one of the major cries for change is coming from college students. Students all over the country are all talking about the same thing “Student Loan Debt”. So the guys at Online University have made an infographic explaining President Obama’s… Read More

Untitled: Comic


via Austin Hendry

My First Revolution


by John Dennehy In April 2005 I was living in Cuenca, Ecuador, teaching English. I had just graduated college in the United States and was still very new to the place—but there was already a simmering fire about to explode. The President, who was hailed as a courageous defender of the nation’s heritage and champion of the poor when elected, had quickly moved to the right as soon as the votes were… Read More

Subsidized Internet for free-lunch student


By Yesenia Robles Slightly more than a third of all Colorado students qualify for free lunches, and starting this school year, those kids also will qualify for low-cost broadband Internet access if their neighborhoods are served by Comcast. “A lot of families have had to make a lot of tough choices between Internet or cable, for instance, and school supplies or health care,” said Chris Watney, president of the Colorado Children’s Campaign…. Read More