Students Could See College Money Dry Up


The House passed a $1 trillion dollar budget deal that will make it harder to get, and harder to keep, Pell Grants. Students taking longer than 6-years will have their grants cut off and fewer Pell Grants will be made available to new applicants. The Sacramento Bee reports that millions of students receive Pell grants every year. The government aid is offered to low-income students who don’t have to pay the money back. Jennifer… Read More

8 Myths About Financial Aid College Students Need to Know


Let’s face it, money is tight. Which means it is more important than ever that we as college students be aware of all financial aid opportunities available. According to Online Graduate Programs, there are eight highly perpetuated myths that are keeping college students from receiving funding that they might be entitled to. Luckily for us they’ve put these eight myths into an easy-to-read infographic below.