Jon Buscemi’s Blueprint

“Jon Buscemi details how he went from Wall Street to founding an eponymous lifestyle brand that marries hip-hop to high fashion.” -Complex Subscribe to Complex on YouTube: Part I: Foundation 1. Appreciate Your Surroundings 2. Start Hustling Early 3. Make Sacrifices 4. Play To Your Strengths 5.  Connect With Collaborators Part II: Second Story 1. Always Fight Back 2. Know When To Pivot 3. Create For Yourself 4. Adapt To The… Read More

10 Things You Do That Blow The Interview

things you do that blow the interiew

Below I have listed 10 Things You Do That Blow The Interview 1. Your Attire Your interview attire is outdated messy too tight to loose (Dress pants shouldn’t look like pajamas) slutty (ladies!) too revealing too flashy. Sometimes you won’t find these dress codes in writing; but if you look around you’ll find that all employees are dressed in a similar way. Take note: It is always better to be slightly overdressed… Read More

How To Build A Fashion Brand With No Experience [Video]

abe-burmeister copy

Speaking at the PSFK Conference NYC, Outlier co-founder Abe Burmeister describes how a punk-rock ethic helped him go from wanting to create a one-of-a-kind piece meant for personal use when cycling, to a mini-fashion empire that utilizes the web. With no formal training in the manufacturing of clothing, Burmeister’s inspiration took precedent over experience, and the rest is history. What started as a personal need quickly transformed into a thriving business  -all… Read More

10 Types of Clothing that need to go after college


Everyone wants to be taken seriously after college, both personally and professionally. After graduation comes the real world, and the real world requires a real wardrobe. There is no longer an excuse to appear unkempt. It’s time to rethink what you put on before you walk out the door each morning.

What to Wear to Meet with Your Advisor


THANKS TO ALL THE FUN ASPECTS OF THE COLLEGE EXPERIENCE, IT CAN BE EASY TO FORGET WHY WE”RE ACTUALLY AT COLLEGE… to get a degree and figure out what we want to do with the rest of our lives. For me, this is a terrifying thought that brings up many questions — how will I use my degree once I graduate? How can I score a research position to improve my resume?… Read More

Look Better Naked


By Amelia Brown In the TV show Arrested Development, the character Tobias Fünke is revealed to have a very dirty secret. He is caught showering, not in the nude, but in …  shorts! Jean cut-off shorts, which he indeed wears at all times under his clothing. The show jokingly describes Tobias as part of a clandestine cult of men who always wear denim shorts, deemed “Never Nudes.”